Experiencias para los pasajeros de Hotel Don Raul

San Pedro de Atacama is surrounded by diverse natural parks, archaeological sites and natural sighseeing around the town. More than just stunning natural and architecture places.

All these marvelous spots have their own story to tell, we inspire you to visit them when sightseeing around San Pedro de Atacama in your next stay at Hotel Don Raul.

These tours are exclusive for passengers with a reservation at the Hotel Don Raul.

Landscape view of Valley of the Moon near Hotel Don Raul

Moon Valley Tour

Characterized by its huge dunes, valleys and hills of salt and rocks.

One of the most common postcards is the photo in the Moon Valley during sunrise or sunset, where gold and copper colors predominate.

The tour includes the view of the Tres Marías, the Canyon, the Amphitheater and the Licanantay Viewpoint.

The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth. 

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is home to an array of natural wonders, including the world’s highest mountain range, the Andes. It also boasts a rich history that dates back thousands of years.

See the beautiful colors of the desert at sunset. 

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Tatio Geisers

Geiser del Tatio Chile

Tatio Geyser

The Tatio Geysers are a tourist attraction in northern Chile, with a large number of Chilean and foreign travelers visiting the place at any time of the year.

El Tatio is a geothermal field with many geysers, hot springs and associated mineral deposits. It has 88 Geysers located at a height of 4200 m above sea level with average temperatures of 85 ° C.

In addition to visiting the geysers, we will pass through the Putana Wetland and the Machuca Lagoon where groups of wild flamingos coexist with our landscape.

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Landscape view of Miskanti lake near Hotel Don Raul

Altiplanic Lagoons and Red Rocks

In this expedition, we will visit the village of Toconao (Kunza: Lost Corner) which is charming for its simplicity, the calmness of its people, special climate, beautiful architecture and crafts. We will visit the marginal area of the Salar de Atacama known as Laguna Chaxa located in the Sector Soncor, National Reserve Los Flamencos. Afterwards, we will head towards the Southeast (Andes Mountain Range) to set up camp in a highland village named Socaire, where we will visit its church and learn about its agriculture. Once we are settled in the Andes range, we will head to approximately 4,200 m above sea level to visit Lagunas Miscanti and Meñiques, part of the National Reserve Los Flamencos, characterized by volcanoes and mountainous landscapes such as Miscanti Hill and Meñiques volcano. There, we will find species such as the Horned Tagua, Small Parinas, Caití, Baird Sandpiper, Puna Plover, Juarjual Duck and Guallata. The flora is mainly composed of Llareta and Paja Brava. Both lagoons are formed by underground water from melting glaciers. Continuing along the foothills of the Southern Andes, we will head to the Salar de Talar, known as Piedras Rojas, a place where the rocks are subject to natural oxidation and weathering, causing the colors to lose intensity in the Andes."

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Close up on Puritama Hot Springs near Hotel Don Raul

Transfer to Puritama Hot Springs

Transfer to the Puritama Hot Springs, most famous natural thermal pools in northern Chile.

Its refreshing and revitalizing waters will give you the rest you need so much.


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laguna cejar

Laguna Cejar

Laguna Cejar, Ojos del Salar and Tebenquiche

Tour to Laguna Cejar, Laguna Piedra, Ojos del Salar and Laguna Tebinquiche.

Unique landscapes with turquoise waters in the middle of the desert that capture our sight and spirit.

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Astronomic Tour

San Pedro de Atacama is one of the best places in the world for watching the night sky due to its low light pollution and clean skies.

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Rainbow Valley

Hotel Don Raul tours

Rainbow Valley

The Rainbow Valley bears this name due to the colors of its reddish, green, brown and white earth.

After this tour within the Rainbow Valley, we will go to the Salado River sector, where we will take a short walk over a small valley and enjoy the landscape of this area.

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Ruta de Salares

San Pedro de Atacama Tours

Salt Flat Route

Our route begins in the Andes mountain range with our first point to visit, the Licancabur viewpoint, there we will have our breakfast (it will depend on the wind conditions), otherwise, we will have breakfast in the Quepiaco River wetland, where you can appreciate the nature of the area.

Then, we will visit the Pacana viewpoint together with the Monjes de la Pacana, they are huge stone pillars raised in the middle of the desert. Later, we will visit the Quisquiro salt flat, here we will have a space to rest and enjoy the surroundings. Finally, we will arrive at the Aguas Calientes salt flat, which is distinguished by its waters of different colors, thus ending our tour of the salt flats route.

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Hot Air Balloon Flight

We will leave from the Don Raúl hotel to the launch site, where after a welcome coffee, our instructor will explain the operation of the balloon, then we will have the opportunity to participate in the cold inflation tasks, during this space we will also be able to enter the balloon to take some photos.

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